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Our ministry provides this Web Site and these books and booklets as edification for His children and as evangelistic tools for the lost. Our goal is to spread the Word of God, exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, edify God’s children, and glorify the Real God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • The Bible to be sacred and inspired Scripture, given to man from God as holy men were moved by the Holy Spirit.

  • That Jesus Christ is very God and very Man, and that His death was the substitute for every believing sinner, and His resurrection was bodily, testifying to His sufficient payment for the sins of the human family.

  • That Christ is coming again to earth and will subjugate the whole earth to His authority and Godhead.

  • That Salvation from Sin is wholly by the grace of God, and one’s conversion, faith, works, and likeness to Christ is in that chronological and theological order to the glory of God.

  • That Christ’s Church is left on earth to spread His Word and Gospel until His return, and is assembled to know Him, worship Him and to make Him known.

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